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Electric three rounds of several major advantages by the people love
Aug 09, 2017

Rural markets: rural population travel and transport

In the vast territory of China, with the transport, transport and continuous improvement and upgrading of vehicles follow the follow. Electric three rounds into the people's vision. The particularity of the township market gave birth to the demand for electric tricycles, China has more than 800 million farmers, accounting for the majority of the total population, and this large group of almost all live in terrain complex township, to load and suitable for a variety of rural terrain Road-based electric three rounds of products just conform to the national conditions.

In recent years, the momentum of three rounds of electric power growing increasingly strong in the vast rural market, electric three rounds, whether in passenger or freight for people to bring a lot of convenience. Although there is no support in the national policy, the benefits of the people is the industry's largest support.

Small shops: electric three rounds for shipping, convenient and cost savings

Now many people like to shop, their own business, for small shops for high freight costs, when the electric tricycle is a good choice. Electric three rounds of the price is relatively affordable, for small shops in terms of cargo space is enough, the store to buy such a three rounds to transport the goods, wholesale small items really quite convenient. In addition, the electric tricycle is the name suggests is to use electricity to start, do not need fuel, cost savings are also environmentally friendly.

Special industry: courier, water workers and so on using three rounds of delivery water

Every day on the way to work can see the driving of the electric tricycle, the driver is mostly delivery courier. Living in the district also often see a couple with electric tricycle to send water. Electric tricycle in the convenient and at the same time, and the low cost of transport is also large. There is an old classmate father in Changping District, a vegetable market inside selling vegetables, his wholesale purchase tool is the electric tricycle, electric three rounds to facilitate the use, even a small alley, you can easily in which "walk", although Early morning and evening is very hard, but the monthly income is also a lot of money, hard is also worth it

City elderly people travel tools: electric three rounds of peace of mind

In the city, to leisure and transportation-based electric tricycle, but also because of economic development and living standards have been steady growth in the eyes of the elderly in the eyes of the rising position. Compared to two electric cars, electric tricycle more stable and reliable and more secure, become the ideal travel tool for the elderly travel. According to the electric car Times Network reporter visited the dealer before understanding, although the electric three rounds to the current rural market-based, in the city within the sales volume is not imagined bleak, on the contrary there have been rising, of which the elderly and the special industry Application-based.

Conclusion: At present, the electric three-wheel market is dominated by rural areas and is limited in most cities within the country, mainly because of its lack of identity and management of chaos. To be frank, as a supplement to urban traffic, the role of electric tricycles can not be denied. Electric tricycles should not be a stain of the city, just as we wear high-end suits, T-shirts as indispensable. Our city should be inclusive, the electric tricycle took to the streets should not reject it, but effectively manage it, make reasonable use of it. As long as the management of good, electric tricycle can also become a city of a landscape. We also believe that the prospects for the future of electric three rounds will be more broad.

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