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Electric tricycle accessories three main source way
Aug 09, 2017

The first source is a professional manufacturer. The production of electric tricycle factory will certainly have the corresponding accessories, in this place you can easily find their own needs to meet the accessories, these factories are generally not out of stock, so when they always find the supply of the time, contact On the manufacturers may be a good solution. Professional manufacturers have their own shortcomings, which we must pay attention to, the drawback is that the price is very expensive, in these factories in the electric tricycle accessories are almost completely unopened, expensive is inevitable.

The second source is the replacement point for the repair point. Many maintenance points will be renovated all kinds of accessories, and sometimes the owner felt that accessories can not be used, so it will sell it to the maintenance point, and the maintenance point of people to receive these accessories, through their own technology to repair them Sold at high prices, which in which to earn the difference. Like this kind of accessories because it is second-hand, so the price will be cheaper than the manufacturers to take a lot, if the eyes look better, these accessories will not have any problems, can be called inexpensive, the buyers and sellers That is a win-win situation. However, there is another situation, that is, these electric tricycle parts of the defects can not be completely repaired, and maintenance point of people do not tell the truth, then the owner may buy defective, when taken advantage of the bulk.

The third source is self-assembling. And do not see other people to do the product is easy to use, if their well-equipped, material tools are not missing, and its own processing capacity, then the need for their own parts assembled out of no need, this situation must be the price To be much cheaper, if their own technology is good enough then the product quality can be guaranteed, the only drawback is to spend a long time. This source of accessories only those who have their own experience in processing can do a good job, other ordinary people is difficult to do.

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