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Electric tricycle flexibility to use the advantages
Aug 09, 2017

Electric tricycle small size, you can flexibly walk through the narrow road between the advantages, has now been well known. Now there is a multi-purpose leisure electric tricycle, which is a multi-purpose leisure electric tricycle, which includes the body and the car on both sides of the left and right sides of the installation of the coaxial launch, power generation integrated motor, they and high-performance batteries The group and the controller and the front wheelbarrow are electrically connected to each other.

In the ride, the two co-fired, power generation integrated motor from the power generation, mutual power supply, so that electric vehicles can run for a long time, not only save energy, do not pollute the environment, but also on the battery, the motor also play a positive role in protection , But also reduces the user's use costs. And because the car, the car in the practical application of which, according to actual needs, can change the car shape, and then because the car, while installing a set of micro-audio equipment.

So this also increased the riding of the rider interest, suitable for installation in a variety of small tricycles on the use. It is not only reflects the advantages of comfort more important is that it is a lot of features can be used in many places and very easy to get started.

Because of the actual use of the need for the design and production of electric tricycle high-quality large-capacity traction lead-acid batteries, powerful; high-quality DC motor, running noise, long life; speed control system using stepless speed, Simple structure is simple.

As the car body is small, electric tricycles can be flexible through the small road between. With a reversing switch, you can easily achieve the reverse driving function, and has a voice prompt, which in the narrow road alley, alley is very practical, regardless of driving parking are very convenient. Tricycle operation process is not polluted, is conducive to environmental protection, can be charged at night when the electricity low, make full use of power resources, environmental protection and social benefits. Charging, the drive system has been carefully designed, the use of high-quality components, so that operating costs greatly reduced, the average operating costs far lower than the same car.

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