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Electric tricycle manufacturers to explain the four kinds of fault solution
Aug 09, 2017

The electric tricycle is very widely used in the present energy-saving society, in the use of the electric tricycle at ordinary times, often have some trouble, the electric tricycle has four kinds of common faults:

1, click the big noise are often encountered problems, the main reasons are: (1) the motor bearing clearance. (2) the motor rotor bore. (3) magnetic steel is loose, fall off. (4) the motor internal axial channeling. (5) has a brush motor commutator surface oxidation, ablation, oil, uneven, commutator segment is loose. 6. Brush holder is loose, brush holder is not straight.

2, if the electricity, the wheel turns, and increasing quickly, the failure to become a speed, more is to turn the ground contact is not caused by a virtuous cycle, it is possible that the failure of the controller.

3, dashboard does not display the common fault is the electric main reason is that the instrument is no voltage between the negative wire, wire connectors or short circuit and damage or instrument.

More than four, horn is out of control is the speaker case of damage, or switch damage caused by, or cable connectors or short circuit and the main maintenance inspection on these aspects.

Remind the electric tricycle manufacturers, electric tricycle is used in the present life very much, so will inevitably fail, grasp the cause of the failure will be for maintenance and repair plays a very important help.

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