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Electric tricycle motor time stop and turn the solution
Aug 09, 2017

The motor of the electric tricycle stops

(1) the battery voltage is in the undervoltage critical condition. The battery connector is in bad contact. The speed adjustment turns the wire to break. The brake switch failed. Bad contact of power lock. There is a bad connection to the socket. The internal components of the system are not welded. There is false welding in the carbon brush and wire group of the motor.

(2) fail to check battery voltage and replace the battery. Adjust or replace the plug. Reconnect to the speed of adjustment to turn the lead. Adjust or replace the brake switch. Replace the power lock. To reconnect the line. The man changes the controller. Change the motor.

The motor does not turn and the instrument is not displayed

(1) the fuse is burned by the fuse. Battery damage. The battery line is unsoldered. The power is locked. The battery contact or the plug is not good.

(2) troubleshooting: use a multimeter block test battery voltage output voltage, such as no voltage, check the fuse tube and fuse holder, batteries, battery cables for open circuit, such as the voltage of the battery output is normal, check the voltage of the controller, power input, if no voltage, check the electric door lock and bad cable bolt, splice.

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