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Electric tricycle structural adjustment of the attention of matters
Aug 09, 2017

Adjust the handlebar height, pay attention to the riser safety line should not be exposed outside the fork outside the lock.

Adjust the saddle height, pay attention to saddle safety line should not be exposed outside the frame in the tube.

Before and after the brake operation to be flexible, and can quickly reset the spring with the spring, by the gate, the gap between the gate and the cover should be left a finger distance, both sides of the brake shoes and the border by the parallel part of the brake, About the same deviation.

Check the brake power device is intact, hold up the bracket, open the door, turn the right turn, start the motor, and then gently grip the left gate, the motor should be able to quickly power, and gradually stop turning. At this point if the motor can not power, you should stop the drive, please repair and then use professional staff.

Inflatable charge to a certain pressure, the rotation of the rim by hand evenly hit the tires, and then continue to inflate the tires and the rim of anastomosis, so as to avoid riding when the phenomenon of slippery tire.

The horizontal tube, the riser, saddle, saddle tube, the recommended torque of the front wheel 18N.m, the recommended torque of the rear wheel 3ON.m

Before driving, check the electrical box of the battery box, whether the polar seat is shaking, whether the door lock is flexible, whether the battery box is locked, whether the speaker and the light button are valid, and the lamp is good.

Electric tricycle saddle height adjustment to the rider feet can be ground to prevail to ensure safety.

Electric tricycle design load of 100kg, so remove the weight of the rider, should avoid too heavy objects, load, the application of foot power.

In order to ensure safety, electric tricycle of the door in the car when the open, parking or implementation should promptly close the door to prevent unintentional rotation handle, causing the vehicle to start a sudden accident.

Uphill when recommended foot power.

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