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In line with the electric tricycle work transmission
Aug 09, 2017

General electric three-wheel drive is divided into fork-type variable speed drive and chain drive two.

First, the fork-type variable speed drive, is a wheel-driven fork drive system. The structure uses a zigzag fork type. Is by the left and right two speed separators, each and the hub can be closely combined with rotation. Install the left and right screw clutches on the hollow shaft. The two screw clutches push the clutch through the hollow shaft.

The tricycle of the tricycle can also push the coaxial super-speed separator to drive the large gear to drive the motor to rotate together. Hollow shaft end is equipped with a planetary gear transmission mechanism, the speed of the separator with a block and groove roller combination of the body.

Second, the electric tricycle chain drive, and this transmission is through the chain will have a special tooth of the active sprocket of the movement and power transmission to a special gear with a driven sprocket of a transmission.

Electric tricycle chain drive has many advantages, compared with the belt drive will not appear elastic sliding and slipping phenomenon, the average transmission accuracy, transmission power, overload capacity, reliable, high efficiency, the same operating conditions, small size, The required tension is small, the role of the shaft on the pressure is small, in the wet, dusty, high temperature, high temperature, pollution and other harsh environments.

Electric tricycle is the most appropriate way of transmission should be the chain of the drive. Can turn a lot of force, and the structural performance of the chain is also very good to meet the transmission strength and body requirements. Considering the most suitable for electric tricycles.

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