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Several types of electric tricycles
Aug 09, 2017

Power as a kind of environmental protection, clean, high conversion rate of important energy, is widely used in production and life, the power was applied to drive the vehicle to upgrade, promote low carbon development of transportation industry, reduce transportation cost, save energy and protect the environment, is one of the important problems in the study all over the world, after decades of development, has been applied in electric city bus, industrial electric transportation vehicles, electric city sanitation clean vehicles, engineering, tunnel, subway construction special vehicles, and many other fields.

Electric tricycle with its strong applicability, mobile recorded live, simple maintenance, easy maintenance, price is low wait for an advantage, can be flexibly through the narrow street. Electric tricycle with reversing switch, can facilitate the implementation of the reversing driving function, which the narrow hutongs, lanes of the road is very practical, regardless of the road parking is very convenient. Widely used in household, urban and rural areas, individual rental, factory, mine, short-distance transport sectors such as sanitation, community cleaning.

Electric tricycle is divided into household type according to the use, cargo type, plant type a variety of models. Because of the different purposes of, the use of technical standards is not the same. Household type electric tricycle, most of them adopt is the lateral wheel motor, the outer frame (frame) outside the wheel, the structure of the car is not big shaft, light deadweight, general 200 kg, general motor for 350-500 - w, battery of 12 v20ah battery, age and suitable for home. Also has a place in a shaft of motor, (big shaft is also called the rear axle, back rest, is a connection between two rounds after tricycle axle, an important part of a tricycle) this kind of car has good stability, motor drive at the same time of after two rounds, stable starting, but the tricycle tend to be expensive.

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