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The reason of electric power consumption of electric tricycle
Aug 09, 2017

Electric tricycle is currently the best transport, batteries and very important in the electric tricycle, head of is the core of the vehicle, so to speak. Battery is good or bad directly affect the service life of the vehicle, at present a lot of friends feedback said battery power fast. So, the battery can't charge or power fast is what reason.

Battery for a long time not to use, easy to starve to death, leading to can't charge. Such as battery don't use for a long time, at least once a month charge, this is beneficial to increase the battery life. Actually in use electric start slow, don't be a add strength to the end, especially where the hill or grade, to use the power, to prevent damage of the battery. Electric tricycle battery in charging after using as far as possible, don't under the condition of fully recharged, will reduce the service life of the battery. Electric tricycle charging best eight hours, it is best not to excessive discharge.

Electric vehicle battery charging and discharging will have a fever, cannot add tap water or electrolyte on their own, because the battery of battery electrolyte concentration of sulfuric acid content in storage capacity of the battery has a direct effect, need to add distilled water and dilute sulfuric acid solution concentration.

Charger has protective functions, such as charging battery electrolyte in the chemical reaction with the plate, electrical energy is converted into chemical energy stored in the battery, good battery charge when there is no water. Don't come out. Charging charger charging time about 8 to 10 hours, turn green light floating after 2 hours, battery is not recommended in the rehydration use 1 years later, the effect is not obvious.

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