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Agricultural Three-wheeled Motorcycle Is Used Correctly
Aug 09, 2017

Agricultural tricycle to the correct use, timely maintenance, in order to obtain efficient, low consumption, safe use of the effect, but also extend its service life. If the operation is not correct, it will affect the use of tricycles.

A bogey after the purchase of tricycles without running into the normal work. Running is an important part of extending the service life of the machine, can not be ignored.

Second, avoid heavy use of light maintenance. Maintenance and maintenance of the machine is to eliminate the hidden trouble, to prevent or reduce the main measures of the occurrence of failure. But some people as long as the tricycle can turn to make do with the transfer does not move and then repair, resulting in tricycle sick work, power down, fuel consumption increased, and even lying nest.

Three, bogey start when the throttle fixed in the maximum fuel supply position. Diesel engines generally use full standard governor. Start the throttle in the small throttle position, fuel pump fuel supply adjustment lever that is in the maximum fuel supply position (conducive to start). If you continue to increase the throttle, fuel supply and no longer change, but the greater the throttle, the greater the preload tightening speed, the higher the speed after the start. As the newly started diesel engine temperature is low, all parts of the lubrication is not sufficient, if the immediate high-speed operation, will inevitably exacerbate wear and tear.

Four, hanged throttle when the speaker. Some tricycle driver in the car encountered more people in the car, thumped a few throttle issued a strange voice to remind others to make way. This has the following hazards: 1. Diesel engine sudden increase in speed, so that parts in the case of alternating impact load, easy to make parts fatigue damage, especially the spring. 2. Cylinder head and the body caused by the internal stress concentration, easy to break the cylinder pad. 3. Increased fuel supply, burning is not complete, black smoke, fuel consumption, easy to coke. 4. Before the flame throttle throttle, will make unburned diesel oil, reduce the lubrication effect.

Five, bogey with the way to take off the clutch to reduce the speed. Some drivers, feet away from the clutch pedal, when there are obstacles in front, neither to reduce the throttle, not change the low gear, but with the foot clutch, so that in the semi-separation semi-combined state, to reduce The purpose of slow traffic. This will accelerate the clutch parts wear, especially the friction plate, in addition to waste fuel, increase the use of cost.