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China's Three Motorcycles Market Has Great Potential
Aug 09, 2017

China Automobile Industry Association statistics show that in 2006 China's three-wheeled motorcycle industry is developing rapidly, production and sales are approaching 900,000, an increase of 69%, higher than the industry as a whole increase of nearly 50 percentage points to reach the best level in history. This is only the statistics by the industry statistics, according to industry estimates, the current national three-wheeled motorcycle should have nearly 3 million of the scale of production and sales, about 2/3 of the data did not report. From the industry report, the displacement of 50mL of the three motorcycles accounted for nearly 96% of the total industry, of which 100 ~ 150mL displacement of the three motorcycles due to low fuel consumption, stable performance, affordable, wide range of advantages such as the majority Consumers favor, become the mainstream market products.

2006 is the integration of three motorcycles industry, the industry reorganization of enterprises continue to face the country to improve access barriers, weak enterprises do everything possible to find their own safe haven, and actively move closer to the large group, large enterprises to expand market share, improve the product Structure, the use of brand, technology, financial advantages of positive expansion, acquisition, merger and some non-qualified, but there is a certain capacity and resource advantages of the three motorcycles business, set up subsidiaries, branch, complete access, establish their own expansion Base, extend their own industrial chain. From the industry-wide statistical situation, the annual production of three rounds of motorcycles 28, 11 less than the previous year. Production and sales volume of more than 50,000 enterprises only five, the five companies accumulated production of 655,400, accounting for 73% of the total. Which Zongshen Group production 322,000, accounting for the entire three motorcycles industry 38.83%, a three-wheeled motorcycle industry overlord, production concentration is much higher than the second round of motorcycles. From the whole industry point of view, although the three-wheeled motorcycle sales, annual sales accounted for about 5% of the total sales of the industry, but its development speed is quite fast. In the past two years, with the implementation of the strategy of the central rich peasants and the strategy of the western development, the three-wheeled motorcycle has become a "good helper" for farmers' friends to get rich. Three-wheeled motorcycle carrying capacity is moderate, the road adaptability, both for farmers to produce self-selling small-scale operation, but also for short-distance passenger, is an important tool for farmers to increase income. 

Now the country's total sales of three motorcycles is close to 3 million, but this figure and China's huge rural market compared to the rising space is still very large, after generation after generation of improvement, its function is still increasing, Motorcycles in some uses better than two motorcycles, electric cars, the price is better than micro-cars, so in the short term in an irreplaceable position. At present, the national motorcycle ownership of about 90 million, three motorcycles about 9 million, China has 900 million farmers, 250 million farmers, an average of 3 per 1, there are about 75 million market space, according to The current capacity, it takes 20 to 25 years to meet the needs of the market.