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Electric Car Tricycle Maintenance Knowledge
Aug 09, 2017

Electric tricycle with high-quality large-capacity traction lead-acid batteries, powerful; high-quality DC motor; with reversing switch, you can easily achieve the reverse driving function, and has a voice prompt, which in the narrow road alley, alley is very practical, regardless of driving Parking is very convenient. Electric tricycle (electric car tricycle brand) in the course of running no pollution, is conducive to environmental protection, can be charged at night when the electricity low, make full use of power resources, environmental protection and energy conservation of social benefits.

Electric tricycle (electric car tricycle price) charging, the drive system has been carefully designed, the use of high-quality components, so that operating costs greatly reduced, the average operating costs far lower than the same car. Here we come to understand the electric car maintenance knowledge, to protect your safe travel.

The electric tricycle repairs include checking all the screws of the whole car, whether the nuts are strong, the control performance is good, whether the tires need to be replaced, the mechanical system is good, the battery capacity is up to standard, and the brush motor is repaired once a year. After the maintenance must be carefully filled. Specific maintenance content is as follows:

(1) a comprehensive vehicle commissioning, check the electrical control circuit with or without fault, if any should be excluded;

(2) adjust the front and rear brakes to ensure that the brake flexible and reliable;

(3) electric tricycle handlebar steering is reliable, whether there is a handle and the fork to produce the phenomenon of mutual sliding;

(4) whether the battery socket is loose, the battery box lock is working, speakers, headlights switch, the button is flexible and reliable;

(5) electric tricycle battery box is shaking;

(6) for the user before and after the rear wheel, and the tire full of gas;

(7) on the front and rear axles, shaft, fork for key inspection;

(8) whether the flywheel is flexible, proper on the point of good oil;

(9) electric tricycle bolts all fastened again, the appropriate anti-rust liquid;

(10) to the user to teach daily use, maintenance experience;

(11) electric tricycle cleaning, Sassafras try clean