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How To Choose A Reliable Freight Forwarder? When We Import Three Wheel Motorcycle From China
Nov 02, 2017


How to choose a reliable freight forwarder?


First, check the freight forwarding company certification


Before the shipment to verify the business license, check the freight forwarding company non-vessel carrier code and the relevant departments for approval of the international freight forwarding certificate number, or a national non-vessel carrier agent certificate and registration time and registered capital (this is the most basic and necessary).



Second, see the freight forwarding company level


Freight forwarder certification level are generally divided into A, B,C, D and so on.


The general shipping company will issue shipping routes price and shipping space to freight forwarder (NVOCC), another kind could direct contact with the shipping company is the shipping company's designated agent, which is able to provide long-term stable supply and maintains a good relationship with the shipping company. When A-class shipping company agent to get the price they will operate in the form of a small profits but quick release to some subordinate B-class freight forwarder, B freight forwarder will issue information and tariffs to the C freight forwarder, by this analogy.


Therefore, sometimes the shipper find the shipping company directly to apply for price and shipping space, much higher than some freight forwarder’s given price. But the choice of freight forwarding companies are also prone to have problems, such as when you find a D-level freight forwarder, once occur problem, the efficiency of the solution will be quite slow, and easy to complicate things, so best choice is to find a credibility A- level freight forwarder (NVOCC).



Third, select the conditions of freight forwarders


(1) first of all to understand the advantages of the company’s route, and then understand the shipping company to the customer's port to go which route, cut off the time, the number of days of navigation, Is the price appropriate?


(2) whether the company is able to provide the customes declaration, trailers and the ability to provide warehouse storage, it is better to select one who have their own customs declaration and trailer departments, so that the entire transport process can be more appropriate to connect. Any of the problem occurs in a link, the carrier take solely responsible.


(3) whether the freight forwarders understand the international trade and its development trend, whether there are special restrictions at destination port, need to apply for what kind of special certification, a route should be charged what kind of hiden additional fees and other information, all these information will help shipper to predict the cost of freight.


(4) whether the shipping company supply a direct route or the transit shipment, in which a port transit, whether could catch up with the origin voy No. after transshipment ,avoiding the container was offloaded by carrier and will be tranfer into next vessel


(5) A-level freight forwarders should be skilled in the operation of the documents of transport of goods, understand the relevant agents of the process and steps, and to ensure that its document is correct, clear and timely. The main shipping documents include bills of lading, sea way bills, manifests, invoices, packing list, port receipts, chief mate receipts and so on.


(6) A qualified freight forwarders should understand customs procedures and port operations. whether it has the capacity to protect both the client and the customs authorities in the performance of his duties.


Freight forwarders should have access to the departure procedures, bonded storage, inland customs clearance , the problem-solving ability at port is very important.


(7) whether the freight forwarder has its own branch or agent, have the ability to complete the door to door transport services, whether to provide their branch’s or agent's contact information .


taking into account the risk of international trade, do some research on the freight forwarder maybe not a bad choice.