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How To Do Three Rounds Of Motorcycle Sales
Aug 09, 2017

Three rounds of motorcycle sales is a systematic project, how to do a good job tricycle sales companies and distributors need to work together, with each other to play their respective advantages. Dealers in a comprehensive system to understand the enterprise products at the same time, to do the following work: 1, a correct understanding of the characteristics of consumers, 2, analysis of the needs of users and the purchase of psychological, 3, the impact of consumer spending factors, The skills, 5, the product advantages into customer interests

First, the characteristics of consumers

The main consumers of tricycles are farmers and freight practitioners, which is beyond doubt, but the characteristics of this group of people rarely to really study and understand. Their characteristics are income is not high, the price is sensitive, realistic and honest consumer psychology strong, seeking the beauty of the psychological performance, from the hearts of prominent people.

Second, the analysis of the needs of users and the purchase of psychological

A survey shows that 60% of rural consumers in the consumer behavior occurs mainly to meet the needs of the premise of seeking the lowest price, the aesthetic level of goods can not play a leading role, indicating that the purchase occurred before the need to understand his needs to recommend To meet his needs of the models.

38.73% of the peasant consumption has obvious herd phenomenon, especially the higher price models, the role of advertising is not, but the "opinion leaders" role is particularly evident.

Third, the reasons for the impact of consumer spending

1, income reasons: the income of farmers with three words, "rely on days received", indicating that farmers income is not stable, in the case of good times, the consumer will strong, easy to deal; year is not good, in terms of price It is easy to stalemate.

2, the market strategy: reasonable pricing and appropriate promotions can stimulate sales

3, word of mouth and after-sales service: good after-sales service is an important means to win customers

Find the reason, and then to develop countermeasures is not difficult

1, to strengthen the example of the power: a narrow channel of rural information, word of mouth and the old user's recommendation on the sales transaction has a great impact

2, the promotion policy: the use of appropriate promotional policies, can shorten the increase in sales, expand market share

3, establish a brand image: you can through the local public welfare activities to establish a brand image

4, complimentary products: oil and wide Xuan clothing for farmers is a very useful additional products, sometimes the farmers have a certain impact on consumer behavior

5, perfect after-sale protection services

6, decentralized channels: the network distribution to the township to the above, the operating conditions of the network more concerned about the market is coming out, not to sit out.