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How To Ensure The Safety Of Electric Tricycles
Aug 09, 2017

Electric tricycle safety protection from the beginning of the purchase, we can see, to ensure the use of electric tricycles in the process of security, consumers in the purchase time has begun to pay attention. At present, the regular manufacturers of the protection system are more perfect, line materials and components are more formal interface. Consumers do not seek cheap, we must choose the regular manufacturers or well-known brands of electric tricycle.

In addition, the consumer in the use of the process should also pay attention to the electric tricycle and battery specifications to prevent overcharge and over discharge. Electric tricycle battery after heating to take cooling measures to be electric tricycle battery temperature can return to normal when the charge. Electric tricycle battery installation position should be as good as possible to ensure good heat, found that overheating should stop charging, the charger and electric tricycle battery to check. Electric tricycle battery discharge depth is shallow or when the ambient temperature is high should be shortened charging time.

Electric tricycle battery discharge to the termination voltage, continue to discharge called over discharge. Over discharge will seriously damage the electric tricycle battery, the electric tricycle battery electrical performance and cycle life is extremely unfavorable. Overall, consumers in the purchase of electric tricycles do not only price, mileage and other factors to determine a car is good or bad, line materials, parts contact is good or not important. And the battery must not have a short circuit, in the installation or use should be particularly careful, the tools should be used to take insulation measures, the connection should be connected to the electrical appliances other than the battery, the inspection without a short circuit, and finally connected to the electric tricycle battery, wiring Specifications should be good insulation, to prevent the overlap of pressure generated rupture, the only way to make electric tricycle more secure, the use of more long.