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How To Keep Our Three Wheel Motorcycle Engine In Good Condition? Selecting Good Petrol Is The Most Important
Nov 02, 2017

How to keep our three wheel motorcycle engine in good condition? Selecting good petrol is the most important

Shabby petrol impact the three wheel motorcycle performance


The following will talk about the influence about the petrol impact on our three wheel motorcycle.


1, the current market sales of gasoline quality has huge disparity. 2, poor gasoline caused by the problem of the beating valve is happening from time to time, however the user generally understood it as the engine quality problems, particularly the new car valve broken problem, which harms reputation of the brand badly, and difficult to deal with.

3, the user know little about gasoline knowledge.

4, even if the problem caused by inferior gasoline, it is still difficult to protect rights.

5, low-quality gasoline does harm the engine severely

The inferior petrol impact on several aspects as bellow:

1. Block the fuel system. Inferior gasoline’s impurity exceed standard, when the engine is running, the inferior gasoline is full of oil supply system, oil switch filter, petrol filter, carburetor nozzle, These small holes or the function of the filter is easy to be blocked by poor quality gasoline of the impurities, resulting in poor fuel supply, engine function decline.

2. Coke. Impurities in gasoline are generally in the form of colloidal gasoline, even if they pass the filter device, will also be in the intake valve, inlet, cylinder deposition, the course of time to form a hard coke, it has adsorption of gasoline, cause the mixed gas, affecting the engine function. More serious is the glue stick to the valve, the piston move up collide with the valve didn’t return, causing the engine damage

3. Contains impurities of gasoline can not be fully burned, directly causes poor exhaust and below grade, the engine work is unstable, speed up weakly, the overall economic efficiency is poor, and excessive consumption of oil. If there is hindered after speeding up, sudden refuel burning, speed instability, detonation and other phenomena, it should be considered using inferior gasoline.

4: shaddy gasoline in the burning, there is a very thick black smoke, and filamentous colloidal elementary in black smoke, and burning endless.


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