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Maintenance Of Three Motorcycles
Aug 09, 2017

On the emergence of three motorcycles greatly improve the travel of various ages, three motorcycles, and stability, economy, security, in a popular by all kinds of people, when the three motorcycles start a period of time failure Is essential, so the maintenance of three motorcycles is also essential. Xiaobian to the car faithful to sort out about the three motorcycles engine maintenance, we come to understand the next.

Why do three motorcycles carry out maintenance?

Three motorcycles as a mechanical and electrical products, in the course of the use of the various parts will inevitably produce varying degrees of loose and mechanical wear. If not timely maintenance, not only will reduce the three motorcycles of the power, economy, driving reliability and security, but also an unexpected serious accident.

Therefore, the three-wheeled motorcycle driver must be in accordance with the "driving manual" provisions of the three-wheeled motorcycle for regular maintenance. Through the correct maintenance, you can find a variety of hidden dangers, to prevent the occurrence of failure. This will extend the life of the three motorcycles, reduce maintenance costs, so that the vehicle to play the highest performance.

Three-wheeled motorcycle maintenance can be divided into two categories: the user daily maintenance and regular maintenance.

2, the vehicle running skills and precautions?

Due to the new car engine parts of the surface is between the adjustment, mutual grinding stage, the greater wear and tear, running quality is good or bad is the key to affecting the life of three motorcycles. In the run-in period, please strictly according to the speed limit, limit load, regular maintenance requirements to reduce the amount of engine and transmission parts wear, but also give full play to your new car performance, extend vehicle life.

Engine speed change

During the run-in period, the engine speed should always change, the throttle should not be fixed at a certain speed of continuous operation, the purpose is to balance the load bearing parts. But not exceeding the specified maximum speed. Avoid long-term low-speed operation In the long-term low-speed (light load) operation, the lubrication oil pressure is low, will make the parts wear and bad. During the running period can be linked to the stalls (scooters may be appropriate to increase the throttle opening) to accelerate the engine, as long as the maximum speed does not exceed the specified speed. But the first 1600 km, can not use the maximum throttle. Before driving, let the oil cycle in the run-in period, whether in the heat state or cold state before the start, the engine should have sufficient idle time (3-5 minutes) to warm up so that the oil flow to all lubrication parts The

Note the engine cools down

Vehicles should be used when the appropriate control of travel time, to avoid running for a long time, usually every 30 minutes, should be turned off for a while. Note the cooling of the engine cooling. The first maintenance of the vehicle is very important. Vehicles within 1000 km must complete the first must check maintenance items. To ensure that the first 1000 km of maintenance items in place, will ensure that your three motorcycles to play the best performance and extend its service life.

3 three motorcycles oil and regular replacement of what common sense?

The quality of the oil in the three-wheeled motorcycles has a great impact on the full performance of the engine and the extension of the service life of the engine. The use of Haojue three motorcycles for motorcycles is determined by Haojue three motorcycles engine characteristics, Haojue three motorcycles engine manufacturing high precision, with the gap between the various parts of the small; high compression ratio; burning condensate mixture; Cylinder head high temperature (about 400 ℃ higher than other models), which determines the ho three-wheeled motorcycle engine must be specially prepared with high-quality Hao Jue special oil, and can not use other models of oil, but not With poor quality oil. Disable motor oil and gear oil

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