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Winter Three Motorcycles Should Pay Attention To What The Problem?
Aug 09, 2017

Winter long-term placement of three motorcycles should pay attention to what the problem?

China's northern region, winter skies, many users will be three rounds of motorcycle towering "hibernation" up, until the coming spring, and then re-enable. Many of the long-term placement of the vehicle performance will decline, how to do before the maintenance work, to ensure that the performance of three motorcycles, life is not affected, we make a few points here:

First, three motorcycles clean, dry or dried, exposed sports parts (such as the chain), adjust the bolts, bearings, etc. should also be coated with oil or butter rust.

The gasoline is released from the fuel tank and sealed with a container. Otherwise, the "light ingredients" in the gasoline will be reduced for a long time (volatile to the atmosphere), resulting in three motorcycles start difficult or can not start the phenomenon. At the same time, the carburetor should also be put out of the gasoline to prevent impurities in the gasoline plug the carburetor hole, oil and other parts.

Remove the battery from the car to clean, in the vehicle to stop using before, add enough electricity on the dry place, and once a month to add electricity. But do not release the electrolyte inside the battery to prevent the plate exposed to the air caused by plate oxidation.

Four-stroke three-wheeled motorcycle should be injected into the exhaust pipe a certain amount of oil. Remove the exhaust pipe from the car, add a small amount of oil from the front end of the exhaust pipe, and then install the exhaust pipe, and then start the engine so that the oil evenly distributed in the exhaust pipe wall to prevent rust.

Remove the spark plug, from the spark plug to the cylinder to add about 20ml three rounds of motorcycle dedicated four-stroke pure oil, fitted with spark plug, close the ignition lock switch (OFF position), foot start lever 5-6 times, so that oil even Distributed in the cylinder wall. If there is no foot to start the three-wheeled motorcycle can remove the spark plug cap, open the ignition lock switch (ON position), press the start button for 2-3 seconds.

Before and after the tire to maintain the standard air pressure, if the tire pressure is too low will make the tire premature aging and produce cracks.

Finally, the three motorcycles parked in a dry and ventilated place, and pay attention to moisture, so as not to rust. Three rounds of motorcycles should not be long-term open parking, or will accelerate the appearance of three motorcycles aging, premature old.

Winter temperature is low, is not conducive to the start of the engine, if not take appropriate measures, it will accelerate the wear and tear of the engine, three-wheeled motorcycle winter should pay attention to the following points:

Replace the appropriate winter fuel and lubricants.

Conditional, should be three rounds of motorcycles into the room to ensure the appropriate temperature, easy to start.